In nearly 10 years, IceWarp Server is the only piece of technology that we have never replaced. Upgrades do not interrupt service or require a reboot and backup and restore is 1-click. Simply awesome technology. Bruce Troutman
Data Call Systems

IceWarp brings your company a powerful and efficient system for managing all of its information and communications that is easy on the end-user. Mike Dolan
Enterprise Technology Consultant

Webmail is awesome ... and with sharing calendars and GroupWare, it is great! Timothy Wenhold
Data in Motion

A wonderful full featured product that has a great interface and very easy to use. Chad Canterbury
Enterprise Technology ConsultantWest-Camp Press, Inc.

A powerful product for small and large businesses. Its interface and control modules are very easy to manage. Roland Lewan

With IceWarp, your organization can communicate and share [more] efficiently, [more] securely, and [more] easily. Attending the conference helped me see more ways in which companies can immediately benefit from using IceWarp. Mike Dolan
Enterprise Technology Consultant

IceWarp is a great product and we just like it. It is stable. Its interface is so easy to operate and maintain. We have been using it for so many years and it works just fine for us. Richard Jones

Nearly a decade ago took our email server functions in-house ... We selected IceWarp eMail Server and Web Mail interface for reliability, security, and flexibility. Jonathan L. Kramer
Esq. Kramer Telecom Law Firm, P.C.

Flexible. Adaptable. Scalable. Fully-configurable. ... IceWarp is the solution we use in-house and the only messaging solution we recommend. Bob Knoll
President Knoll Enterprises, Inc.